My name is Robert, I live in Edmonton and have a 7 year old Chocolate Miniature Pinscher named Monty. That is him in the banner with his Pitbull buddy. We have such a solid relationship, mutual trust and respect and it made both of us so confident in each other. We want to help you achieve that same relationship. Monty runs dog parks, meets dogs of all sizes with full confidence, and he’s by my side with all dogs we work with. He is fearless.

I love working with dogs, been working with dog behavior casually for about 10 years, entered part time a couple of years ago. When I meet people in dog parks, or pet stores, I’ll offer assistance and people are amazed at how fast their dog can change under a calm hand – with proper diagnosis and guidance. My main love is dealing with aggressive and reactive dogs of all sizes and breeds. A dog is a dog and all dogs big or small should be treated the same.

I have no fear of dogs at all, and anyone that works with dogs shouldn’t have any fear of dogs.

If you have questions about your dog, about training or behaviorism, feel free to email me at monty@commonsensecanines.com or call 780-863-9547.

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