Another tool I tend not to recommend – use or even need. The chances of an e-collar being misused or over used is too high. When people get frustrated… Again, this should be a tool of last resort – and used as little as possible. I’m not going to get into the vibrate, beep or shock aspect – just the overall tool itself.

Not all e-collars are the same – and price does not guarantee a good collar. I’ve tried on many different e-collars just to see what the dog will feel from lowest setting to the max that I can take. Some very expensive collars at the lowest setting is simply too much. Won’t get into brands – but one client had a collar she spent $400.00 on – and on the lowest setting, it made me jump. Level 3 near dropped me – and this collar goes to 10. She thought her dog was just being a drama king when she hit the button.

This was and should be a tool for reinforcing known commands. But over the years, it’s become a training tool that is pushed heavily by many in the balanced training community. Tool dependence through all spectrums of dog training seems to be at an all time high, and that’s not fair to our dogs.

Many trainers are carrying the attitude that every dog gets an e-collar, no exceptions. Some will combine the e-collar with a prong. I’ve seen dogs in public, can hardly see their neck – they are wearing a prong, an e-collar, flat collar, choker and it’s all tied together with a carabiner. And top that off with a reactive owner or trainer that’s anticipating the worst.