Edmonton Area Dog Parks

Edmonton has some 40 dog parks all around the city. I’ve been through all of them, some have their good points and bad – but the following are the ones that I tend to spend the most time at.

Jackie Parker Dog Park – 50th Street and 44 Ave.

The main reason I like this park is location, but you won’t find a friendlier group of dog owners and it really reflects in the dogs. Occasionally there are issues with dogs that shouldn’t be there – or careless owners but it is what it is. I like to bring the dogs I work with here to begin socialization, owners are always willing to help.

Terwillegar Off Leash – located at the end of Rabbit Hill Road.
Probably one of the best walks/hikes in the city for you and your dog. Large open field by the parking lot, and lots of different trails all the way through. This park is some 90 football fields in size and on any nice day, there could be a couple of hundred dogs running the park all over. Also surrounded by the NSR, and has river access in a few areas if your dog is a swimmer.

Buena Vista Dog Park – located by Edmonton Valley Zoo.

Another nice park with a fair amount of parking. Large open field and a loop of trails with river access. Many people tend to congregate in the field, people are friendly and easy going.