Our Mission

Mutual trust and respect has to build confidence.

In any relationship, be it friendship, romantic, marriage, parenting – trust is paramount. Can you respect someone that you don’t trust – think about it. Without trust and respect, confidence wanes. That is also the basis for a solid relationship with your dog or any animal that you have.

When I meet people with dogs that are reactive, fearful, aggressive etc – the most common thing for an owner to say is “I don’t trust the dog”. To that end, many are not able to meet their dogs needs, they struggle with socialization, or just being out and about. It’s not fair to you or your loved ones, and it’s really not fair to the dog either.

A bad relationship with your life can seriously affect your life, bring stress to the home, and some owners end up living in fear of what their dog is capable of.

Dogs can read us like a book, you can’t lie to a dog. Open the book and let them read.

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