Prong Collars

Yes, you can get a dog to walk calmly on the prong – but why? Because the owner feels in control, they are calmer and much more relaxed because they know are in control. Give that same calm to the dog on a flat collar, and you will notice a difference.

If you’re going to use a prong collar, it should be a tool of last resort. Unfortunately, it’s a tool that many trainers won’t do without – every dog gets a prong collar. This is not training – and it’s a tool of control that you typically won’t wean from.

For a while, I was on the fence with prong collars. Herm Sprengers tend to be the recommended collar – and I tried one on. Now I know why they work. If trainers tell you they don’t hurt – that it’s not going to hurt the dog, they are lying to you. I urge people to put one on, feel the physical and psychological effects of having it around your neck – then give it a yank. I started to feel a little bit of panic setting in cause I had trouble getting it off – and I could still feel the physical sensation from the prong hours later. There is always a chance that a dog will lunge and yank at the prong – see it many times. It’s going to hurt. Or owners get frustrated and yank that leash. You will see videos on youtube of trainers wearing these collars – but you won’t see anyone yank it. If I’m wrong, send me a video.

Prong collars do work – but why? I’m sure many trainers will give a different answer to that one. But, it’s simply a tool of control. When you try to constantly control your dog in any environment – it’s not giving understanding to the dog. What is the dog learning?